595x295mm 24W White Frame LED Panel Light


This panel is bright and flicker free, seamlessly fit into both commercial and domestic applications. It can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended to ceilings. Popular lighting choice for hotels, factories, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

Installation Types

1. Recessed

2. Surface Mounted (With Mounting Frame Kit)

3. Suspended (With Wire Kit) 

Installation Guide PDF


  • Backlit - Majority of Panels are edge lit, while our panels are back lit, this means that there will be no dark shadows on the edges of the panel and also better light distribution.

  • High Lumen - Advanced chipset provides 130 lumens per Watt.

  • Anti-Yellowing - Over a period of time standard panel will become yellow due to low quality conduction material used. Our model uses the highest spec conduction material to prevent yellowing from occurring.

  • Heat Sink - Greater surface area for heat dissipation means the panel will last for much longer compare to standard LED panel.

  • High-Spec Driver - One of the main reason for panel failure is the driver used. Our panel comes with the highest specification with worldwide approval. A better driver used means greater longevity.


    • Brand: G.W.S LED

    • Material: Acrylic & Aluminium

    • Beam Angle: 120 Degrees

    • Input Voltage: 240V

    • IP Rating: IP40

    • Wattage: 24W

    • Colour Temperature: 4000K/6000K

    • Dimension: 595x295mm

    • Warranty: 2 Years

    • Lifespan: 50000 Hours

    • Certifications: CE & RoHS


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