LED strip lights are quick and easy to apply to a range of surfaces and can also be cut to smaller sizes or joined to additional lengths of LED strip lights, creating the most versatile form of lighting. Our LED strip lights come in a wide range of single colours as well as multi-colour strips (RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, or Pixel).

We provide two ranges of LED strips: SMD and COB. SMD is your more traditional strip where each LED is in view. COB strips use one continuous strand of LED that runs the whole length of the strips. COB strips are also known as spotless strips whereby the individual LEDs are not visible, this, in turn, gives a better-diffused light and means that an aluminium diffuser is not necessary.

Need a LED Driver?

The low voltage DC-powered LED strip will need a LED driver that corresponds to the voltage and wattage of the strip you are using, i.e., a 12V strip will require a 12V driver and a 24V strip will require a 24V driver. The driver also must have sufficient wattage to power the length of the strip.

LED Drivers

You may also need

Other Accessories

We supply everything you need to make full use of our complete range of LED strip lights. The strip connector is a must-have component to join cut strip light together without soldering. We also offer a range of LED controllers to choose from. Each LED controller has its own set of fantastic features that will push your LED strips to their full potential. If running long lengths of LED strip light, an amplifier will allow extended runs of LED strip to be created without 'volt drop'.

Need Help?

If you have more questions regarding LED strip lights or would like to discuss your project, we are always here to support you along the way via email at sales@gws-led.co.uk and phone at 01214398181.