We welcome enquiries from professional and trade customers, including interior or garden designers, architects, landscapers, building contractors, electrical contractors, signage contractors etc. 

Apply now for a free trade account and enjoy the lowest wholesale prices, building regulation advices and priority checkout & delivery.

How to Apply?

Applying for a G.W.S. Trade Account is both quick and easy.

Step 1: Please send us an email (sales@gws-led.co.uk) and provide the following information so we can ensure you are eligible for a trade account.

  • Company Name

  • Company Registration Number

  • Company Address 

  • Contact Number

Step 2: We will process your application within 48 hours. If the application is approved, we’ll send you a confirmation email to activate your trade account. You’ll then be able to login to access all of the brilliant benefits that come with the G.W.S. Trade Account.

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We provide up to 5 years manufacturer warranty.