LED COB Strip Lights

With the latest COB LED strip, the LEDs are tightly packed and using a high number of LEDs, the light produced is both seamless and spotless, which is perfect for a continuous linear lighting solution without the need for an aluminium profile.

LED SMD Strip Lights

With a large variety of models available, you are certain to find the exact strip fit for any requirements, whether that’s single-coloured or multi-coloured, from RGB to RGBW, to pixel dream colour strip. Also available in low voltage DC 12V or 24V, or mains voltage AC. They are designed for quick and easy installation and can also be cut down to shorter lengths or joined for longer runs, which overall makes them highly versatile.


We stock a range of advanced controllers, remotes and wall panels for LED strips. All with Wireless RF 2.4GHz Technology, which will provide limitless possibilities on how you want to take control of your strip lighting, while APP control, Alexa and Google Home, and Philips Hue Gateway are also available.


All our low voltage (12V or 24V) strips are sold in a 5M roll. You can purchase our AC Mains Voltage strips of various lengths, please refer to the listing of the model.

Yes, all our LED strips are dimmable. An appropriate dimmer is required.

Yes. You must only cut at the pre-defined points shown on the strips indicated with a black dotted line and a scissor mark. It’s important that you cut through this line with copper endpoints so that you can easily solder or use a connector at the cutting point.

Apart from our AC Mains Voltage strip, all others are either 12V or 24V DC, which means a driver/transformer is required. You will need to ensure the wattage of the LED transformer covers the wattage of the strip it will be powering, plus 20%; for example, a five-metre length of the strip with 60 small LED chips equating to 25W would need a 30W LED driver.

The LED strip lights can either be plugged in or hardwired. You will need to ensure that the correct capacity transformer is used for the length of the LED strip that you are running.

This is up to you and your requirements. Profiles are typically used for better diffuse light and decrease/avoid any visible spots. It also makes it easy to clean and provides a degree of protection to the LED strip.

Many of the LED strips have some degree of flexibility and can negotiate around most corners. In instances that it can’t, you can either navigate around the corner either with a solder connection or use a corner connector.

Technically, there is no limit to the amount of strip light you can run if you’re getting sufficient power to the strip light. We do recommend breaking longer runs into smaller sections to avoid voltage drops.


We provide up to 5 years manufacturer warranty.