LED Track Lighting

LED Track Lighting are versatile and functional, providing a great option for both residential and commercial lighting solutions. It can be used to create the perfect ambient or provide ample of light for any given task. The adaptability of LED tracked light allows you to direct the light in various directions, this gives you endless possibility on their usage.

The tracks and their accessories are available in classic white or black finishes. To order an LED track lighting system, here are some important points you should consider:

Step 1

Choose The Track Rail

The tracks are available in lengths of 1 and 1.5 metres, 3 wires and 4 wires. They can be altered and modified to fit any specifications that the project require. The system offers 2 mounting variants: the surface mounted track system and the pendant track system (suspension kit sold seperately).

3 Wires Single Circuit

When you switch on single circuit track lighting, all lights come on together.

4 Wires 3 Circuit

With 3 circuit you have 3 switches that let you control the circuit individually, giving you real flexibility over the distribution of light in a single track.


G.W.S LED Wholesale Ltd. LED Track Rail

LED Track Rail


Step 2

Need Accessories?

There are several track accessories you can use to customise your track to suit all your needs. This includes the ability to extend your track or adding track adaptors which will allow you to hang pendants.

Step 3

Choose The Spotlight

There are no limit to the usage of LED Track Lighting system. Multiple lights can be fitted at any point on the track that provide enormous possibilities in providing both ambient lighting as well functional general purpose lighting solutions.

15°/36° Beam Angle, 3CCT, 20W/30W

LED Track Spotlights

Need Help?

If you have more questions regarding LED track lights or would like to discuss your project, we are always here to support you along the way via email at sales@gws-led.co.uk and phone at 01214398181.